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2015 TASSC Community Report Card Survey

2015 TASSC Community Report Card, Toronto Aboriginal Community Needs AssessmentTake part in our on-line Toronto Aboriginal community needs assessment survey, and be entered in a draw to win one of several $20.00 gift cards!

Your opinions in this community assessment questionnaire will help us shape the services that our member organizations offer, so that you, our urban Aboriginal community, will in turn experience a more efficient Aboriginal social service network.


Voting Fact Sheets

This series was produced by Social Planning Network of Ontario, and Social Planning Toronto along with a number of other agencies to assist voters in the next federal election. The fact sheets cover 13 different topics and you can download the individual pages or a collected document with a complete set. We hope to have the sheets translated into Ojibway, Cree and Mohawk, soon.... see more


Water Walk

TASSC was honored to take part in welcoming the scared walker walkers who have been traveling and praying for the various Great Lakes.

Josephine Madamin and Grandmothers at today’s SACRED WATER WALK from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm at the Aboriginal Pavilion at Fort York to include a Community Potluck Feast & Ceremony.

The sacred water walker have continued on to Madeline Island Wisconsin. For more information and  to track their journey visit www.waterwalkersunited.com




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November 23: RESPONSE – PM Justin Trudeau’s Letters to Minister of INAC Comment on the publicized Ministerial Mandate Letters written by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

November 2: Solutions to Racism in Canada TASSC discusses Racism with TV Show, Context with Lorna Dueck


TASSC supports the research needed to establish the Thunder Woman Healing Lodge in Toronto. The lodge will be a home for Aboriginal women released from federal penitentiaries. The purpose of the  Lodge will be to assist Aboriginal women's transition grounded in cultural supports.


On November 12, 2013 the City of Toronto in partnership with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada released a proclamation declaring November 2013 to November 2014 the year of Truth and Reconciliation in the City of Toronto. TASSC conducted three separate engagements in the community at selected member agencies, the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto (NCCT), the Native Men’s Residence (Na-Me-Res) and Toronto Council Fire... see more



The Toronto Aboriginal Research Project (TARP) Report is the largest and most comprehensive study of Aboriginal people in Toronto ever conducted. With a sample of over 1,400 individuals, 14 topics studied and seven methodologies utilized, the TARP Report provides an important picture of the current situation, aspirations, and challenges facing Aboriginal people in the Greater Toronto Area.


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